Reclamation District 784
History of RD 784

RD 784 was established in May 1908, and operates under the authority of the State of California's Central Valley Flood Protection Board and the Department of Water Resources. RD 784 covers approximately 29,000 acres including 37 miles of levees, more than 60 miles of internal drainage canals, and nine pumping stations.

The district's boundaries are: North - Yuba River, South- Bear River, West- Feather River, East-Western Pacific Interceptor Canal.  The district encompasses approximately 2,000 commercial buildings and more than 12,500 residences.

A board of trustees made up of 5 local landowners is the local governing body and they are elected to serve 4 year terms.
General Manager's Corner

Canals and Ditches:

Reclamation District 784 maintains over 60 miles of canals, ditches and drainage basins through which storm water is moved to pumping stations where it is pumped into adjacent rivers and out of the District.  Garbage and debris dumped into drainage ditches have caused blockages and can cause localized flooding.  If you observe anyone dumping objects into any drainage canals, please contact the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office at 530-749-7777 to report the crime.


Public Levee Access
Not all levees are owned by the public.Some levees are located on private property and RD784 personnel can only access private property because the State of California holds easement rights for levee maintenance and operations. RD784 cannot give permission for anyone to trespass on private property of another. The following list of levees is provided in the attachment below for information on which levees are open to the public for pedestrian access only. Unauthorized motor vehicles are prohibited on all levees.

               Public Levee Access Document

The Reclamation District 784 Office
will be closed on the following days:
May 30, 2016
in honor of
Memorial Day
and July 4, 2016
in honor of
Independence Day


Reclamation District 784 Board Meeting Schedule

Regular board meetings are scheduled on the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00 am, in the Board Room at 1594 Broadway Street, Arboga, CA 95961.

May 3, 2016  - Scheduled
June 7, 2016 - Scheduled
July 5, 2016 - Cancelled

Special Board Meeting:
July 13, 2016 at 10am, in the Board Room at 1594 Broadway Street, Arboga, CA 95961

The Reclamation District 784 Upcoming Notices
   The Nexus Impact Study Report

  Nexus Impact Study Report for the 
  C-2 Zone can be found in the upper 
  left hand section of this page titled 
    "Drainage Basin Fees"

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