Why an Assessment?

​Properties in and around Linda, Olivehurst, and Plumas Lake have potential flood risk from rivers (Feather, Yuba, Bear) and rain and stormwater (internal drainage). Levees are designed to hold back the rivers to protect against flooding. In addition, rain and stormwater must be physically removed to avoid flood damage to properties and to prevent exposure to contaminants from industrial areas, roadways, and storm drain and sewer overflows. This is called internal drainage.

​​​Reclamation District 784 (RD 784) is the local agency responsible for operating and maintaining both its internal drainage system and the levee system that reduces flood risk for approximately 15,000 properties within its boundaries (map).

Collectively, RD 784 is responsible for:

  • 33 miles of levees
  • 60 miles of canals and ditches
  • 10 pump stations
  • 55 acres of detention basins

Both the internal drainage system and the levee system must be maintained to provide a minimum of 100-year flood protection to meet FEMA requirements. The urban levees must be maintained to provide 200-year flood protection in accordance with state law. Consequences of not meeting regulations include the loss of FEMA accreditation for 100-year flood protection, which results in mandatory flood insurance for all properties with a mortgage and building restrictions. 

​Existing Revenues Not Adequate to Fund Services
Currently, RD 784 receives the majority of its funding from two sources: an existing RD 784 property assessment that hasn’t been increased since 1998 (21 years) and the Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority (TRLIA) property assessment. Collectively, these assessment revenues are not adequate to maintain the systems to increasingly strict state and federal rules and regulations. In addition, a new levee is being constructed to prevent the Gold Fields from flooding Linda, Olivehurst, Plumas Lake and surrounding areas. Local funding must pay for the operations and maintenance of this new levee.

Total Existing Funding: $1.75 million
Total Needed Funding: $3 million
Funding Gap: $1.25 million*

*Detailed budget information is included in the Public Review Draft of the Preliminary Engineer's Report 

Adequate funding is needed to:

  • Meet strict State/Federal Regulations for Operations, Maintenance, Rehabilitation, Repair, and Replacement (OMRR&R) - see below
  • Comply with Environmental permitting requirements
  • Maintain FEMA Accreditation
  • Address deferred maintenance
  • Conduct emergency response activities
  • Provide sufficient reserves for routine repairs, rehabilitation and replacement for the levee system
  • Provide sufficient reserves for local cost share of major repairs, rehabilitation and replacement for the drainage system
  • Provide minimum levels of staffing
  • Pay for fixed costs, like power and fuel
  • Contract for professional and technical services, as needed

Federal and State regulations for Operations, Maintenance, Rehabilitation, Repair, and Replacement (OMRR&R) require RD 784 to:

  • ​Comply with evolving regulatory permitting and other requirements
  • Participate in State/Federal inspections
  • Maintain habitat areas to State/Federal requirements
  • Remove debris/vegetation (mowing and spraying)
  • Operate, maintain, repair, replace, and rehabilitate
  • Pump stations, ditches, canals & detention basins
  • Piezometers & relief wells
  • Fences, gates & access roads
  • Equipment to complete listed activities
  • Construct erosion control
  • Conduct rodent control
  • Mitigate hazardous conditions (homeless encampments and illegal dumping), and provide security and specialized safety equipment
  • Manage large equipment rental
  • Patrol levee during warning and flood stages
  • Complete reporting necessary to maintain FEMA accreditation 

Proposed Annual Property Assessment would REPLACE Two Existing Assessments
On May 7, the RD 784 Board voted to propose an annual property assessment to REPLACE the existing assessments for levee operations and maintenance and internal drainage currently collected by TRLIA and RD 784. This would reduce administrative costs by consolidating assessments under a single agency and provide adequate funding for operations and maintenance of the levee and internal drainage systems. The following documents provide additional information on the proposed assessment. The Public Review Draft of the Preliminary Engineer's Report explains in detail the methodology used to calculate each property's proposed assessment.

RD 784 Newsletter (April 29, 2019)

Public Review Draft of the Preliminary Engineer’s Report
TRLIA Resolution to Suspend Assessment 
RD 784 Resolution to Suspend Assessment
MBK Engineers Technical Memorandum: Reclamation District 784 Assessment District Update

Questions? Call our Assessment Hotline at (530) 845-6091

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Reclamation District 784

Proposed Property Assessment to Adequately Fund

Flood Risk Reduction Services

Ballots for the proposed assessment will be mailed on May 15. Questions? Please call the Assessment District Hotline at (530) 845-6091 and attend any of our community meetings: